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An Elite Stick Built Just For You


Deadly Release. Super Light.

Our mission is to provide you with the best hockey stick you’ve ever owned.  Our sticks utilize a single molding procedure to produce a true one piece 18K masterpiece.  In addition, we use material provided by one of the global leaders in carbon fiber technology.  The result is a stick that produces a deadly pop while remaining super light.  On top of that, we let you choose every single option.  This is an elite stick built specifically for you.

The Panther Stick Trailer

Popular YouTuber does an Experiment - Best Warrior Stick VS The Panther (3rd Party Test)

Tailored To Your Game

Why settle for a stick that's produced for the masses?  Playing to your strengths is the key to unleashing the beast.  If you add up all of the variants that we support, you would have 256 different senior sticks. Get a stick that's built for you.

TrueMold Process

THE PANTHER is a true one piece stick.  The single molding procedure results in a stick that can transfer power seamlessly as energy is transferred from the bend of the shaft right through to the sling of the blade.

A Blade for Every Beast

We let you choose from a whopping 8 different blade patterns. Whether your toolbox includes toe drags, wrist shots or heavy shots from the point, we’ve got your back.

Nice Kicks

We support both a low and mid kick-point.  We generally recommend low kick points for forwards to take advantage of the quicker release and a mid kick point for defensemen in order to gain that extra bit of power.

GripTrigger Layer

Our coating provides just the right balance between grip and slide. We found that many sticks had a grip that provided too much stickiness which hampered stick handling or release. GripTrigger is a thin, tacky coating that provides just the right amount of grip to keep you in control no matter what situation you’re in.